Quick! Gasket glue at "lower cylinder gasket"?


Jan 11, 2000

I replaced my piston ring today and I think the lower cylinder gasket (don´t know what you call it) also need to be replaced. I was riding it slowly and it worked fine, after 5-10 minutes it started to idle at a bit higher rpms and it would just bwaaahh when I opened the throttle from low speed.
I would think it´s the lower gasket cos I didn´t replaced it. Tried a new plug, no difference.
My other question is: Can I use "gasket glue" down there? I got a bottle with Loctite "form-a-gasket" Super 300. It can handle temperatures up to 205Celsius/401Fahrenheit.
But it´s hotter there, isn´t it?

I need a quick fix cos I´m planning on riding with lots of friends this weekend (don´t want to miss it). And I can´t get a new gasket until monday...


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I hate to say it but you need to get a new base gasket. Gaskets compress when you use them and if you try to reuse it, it won’t be as compliant and won’t seal properly. Some may suggest using gasket glue to “get by” but I wouldn’t want to take a risk Don’t try to use form-a-gasket in place of the gasket either since the thickness of the gasket determines port timing and compression and will affect performance and possible cause piston and head damage.

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