May 21, 2001
After 2 weeks riding on the new top end of my 1992 KDX200 something happened. Looked down at the sight window for the trainy fluid and the window was completely full. Thats not the way I left it. I run Bel Ray gear saver, it turned from deep red to pink. I then check the radiator fluid, guess what, low. Thats not how I left it. Does 2+2=4. If so where is the most likely area for that type of leak to occur. Please let me know where to start looking. Thanks a bunch.


Apr 3, 2001
Impeller shaft seal

also look at the impeller shaft and bearing, I have always replaced them as an assembly because they don't cost that much as compaired to what my time is worth to back in there later.

Parts list if it were me
1 Impeller shaft seal
2Impeller shaft bearing
3Impeller shaft
4 gaskets
Take a good look at the impeller also most of the time this is ok
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