Raising a KX 60 ?


I'm looking at buying a KX 60 for my son - coming off a TTR 90 - and was wondering if there is a Co. that makes linkage parts to raise the 60 - I know there is for the 65 ?? How will this effect the handeling of the bike?
Any good KX 60 web sites for aftermarked parts / hop up parts?

Thanks Dan


we made 1/2" - 3/4" longer linkage bar (the long bar in front of the rear tire)
it will raise it about 1 1/2"

it still handled the same


I did the opposite, I lowered one 2.5" for my 7 yr old son. I machined a new swing arm connectiing rod. Stock was 6.9" between centers I made mine 6.125". I use broze bushings instead of the ball joint like stock, but I expect it to last a couple years. I have machine tools so it was easy for me, but I would think you could make one good enough with hand tools. Let me know if you want some help.

Then I pulled the fork tubes up into the triple clamp so that they stuck out 1.1". He loves it. If I put my 220lb. booty on it the back tire rubs! I would think you could sink the fork tubes 25-50% down into the top tripple clamp if you use a non permanent loc-tite between the clamp and the fork tube.

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berg racing makes a adjustable linkage that can raise or lower the bike it works quite well we had one on a 01 kx 60.