Raptor clutch lever/perch

Phat Jaun

Has anybody tried these? The ad says one of the positions provides 325%less pull. Sounds great! Thanks.


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I've been using one for a couple of years now. I think they're great. My clutch pull is easier than a 125.

I've heard people complain that the perch snaps in half when they try to mount it. I haven't had any problem.


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I can't believe how easy my stock '00 YZ clutch is compared to my old '90 YZ. One finger! That's a good thing. I used to get this muscle thingy growing on the top of my forearm after a days riding with my old bike, glad those days are gone. People used to ask me if I had a tumor or a syste or something growing on my arm:eek: :eek:


I give it a big blahhhh!!! They stink IMO for mant reasons. They are cast so the lever love to break, they get very dirty and then the adjuster mechanism does not function properly, they do not release the clutch fully making any chance of a good start all but impossible on my bike. It does though do as advertised and make the clutch easy to pull. Before you get one, make sure the cable is fresh and well lubed.


AMEN, to Roost, What hell I have went threw with that 90' YZ 125s clutch. I can barely pull the thing back, after a long day of riding feels like you have Arthritis. lol

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I put one on my 400ex. I put a new set of Renthals on about a week later and the clamp broke. What a POS! Other than that it works fine. Just dissapointing that you pay that much money for something made out of pot metal. :(


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I've been running one for a year and a half. I love it. Greatly reduced clutch pull. I have not experinced any reliability or excessive cable wear problems.


I put one one my 85 yz490 and what a big difference it makes. I have not had any problems with it yet.


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I've got one on mine and love it. I haven't had a single problem w/it. I use the middle position 'cus my clutch is fine. I origionally got it for my in-laws '86 RM250, but put it on my new bike when I got it. I just mainly love the feel of the lever itself. The only other one I'd get would be the Magura Hydraulic.


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I've been using one on my 2001 KX250 that I bought at the beginning of this year. The stock pull was a little harder than I liked so before the next trip out, I installed a Raptor lever. I've had great luck with it. Because of the longer pull, the clutch is slower to engage and disengage, but the easier pull is worth it to me. Those who have been racing a long time may not appreciate the slow clutch response, but the way I ride, it won't make much of a difference.


I have one of the raptor adjustable clutch perch/levers. Actually I have several, but only one complete usable assembly.

The first one I bought the bolt that the clutch lever pivots on broke when I was putting it on. I hardly tightened it and snap. It's a machined bolt so I couldn't get a replacement so stupid me I bought a new raptor perch. I was very gentle with the next one and it went together fine.

The next weekend I leaned my bike up against the tail gate. A gust of wind blew it over. The bracket that holds the perch on broke in half. Fortunately I had enough raptor parts to put another assembly together.

Overall, clutch pull is a little easier, but the poor design and cheap material selection make the thing a waste of money. I guess Malcom Smith doesn't actually try out the stuff MSR sells.


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I put one on my KDX a few years ago. Same problem-- mounted it and thought it was ok, and then while I was riding that weekend the clamp broke in half. I ended up putting the stock perch back on. I was pretty disappointed in the product because of the breakage.


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I have ran the same Raptor lever on two different bikes for a total of 3 years with no problems whatsoever. I have had bark busters on both bikes, so breakage has never been a problem. Just for clarification, that is a single raptor lever that I took off of one bike and moved to another. Good product, it certainly helped the clutch pull on my 500.


Where can I get this lever?


Where can I get one of these levers. I have arthritis BAD and it really hurts to pull the clutch lever. This sounds like it might help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Phat Jaun

You should be able to get it at your dealer or through any parts place like , dennis kirk, hi-per sports etc.