READ THIS, I just got this emaile from Lanier MX


Jun 28, 2001
Dear Members,

It seems that AMERICA -land of the free- is only true on TV

There is no easy way to sugar coat this one. Hall county has decided to shut
us down. They are trying to force ROY to rezone his land COMMERCIAL.

What LMC needs is a crash course in POLITICS. If there are any STATESMEN
left in this part of the world, PLEASE help us.

If you would like to know why they did this please call:

PETE FLETCHER 770-531-6809 or
JEFF BROWN 770-531-6746 Housing / Zoning Enforcement


Robert Cook

PS Please spread the word. We are trying to inform everyone, so nobody
wastes there time comming out here until this is resolved..

PPS Looks like MONROE is about the only place left. THEY MIGHT BE NEXT.
This is the actual email I received. This is not my favorite track but it is a track, and anyone who enjoys ridding should be involved
One of a few tracks left in my area, THIS SUX! What are we to do?:(


'00 Flappin' Fender [Ret]
Jun 7, 2000
A couple of weeks ago it was the Loganville "X" track. Now if you want to ride MX in the NE quadrant of Georgia, you will have to go to: Monroe Offroad Ranch, Hwy 106 SX, Big Gun GP or Aonia Pass MX.

This really stinks!!
I'm not real big on MX, but it is nice to have a choice and not be "FORCED" to ride only in the woods. I ride in the woods mostly because I "CHOOSE" to.

I guess that the county would rather shut down the track in the hopes that the land will be sold to a developer which in turn will provide more money for the county, so that the local politicians can line the pockets with more dough while laughing at the poor little peons that elected them ... imagine that !!!:think :(


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