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Sep 6, 2000
I've always loved reading all you guys ride/race reports. ok so now i shall try my hand at writing a race report of my own :)

Last weekend we had the first sanctioned race for the year, so it was a fresh new series, with all the points starting at zero.I took my kx100 for this race, when I 'decided' and was partially 'conned' by my friend into switching from the cubcross class to the 125novice class. I was really nervous as the riders in this class are a whole lot more agressive then the other 2 classes (trail & cubcross) that i've been in, not to mention more dangerous, and it was 5 mins longer than the previous ones I've been in. The track was really nicely done up, quite professionally prepped, but some sections were just slippery and it was so dusty I had to tape up the vent at my helmetmouth part.

We had the traditional vip handshake crap at the startgate, and our gate positions were by random order. I was lucky and was positioned in the midde, with the big mud patch over to my far left. Good position you might say....but I was so nervous, and now at the start gate, with bikes taller than mine, all the revs going at half throttle and more...i could throw up....the 30second card comes up, we all kick into gear. I kicked into second gear n let out a lil' just to make sure i didnt kick back into neutral. The board flips around and its now down to 5seconds. I could see helmeted heads inching over the handlebars from the corner of my eye. This is the one moment where, everything seems muffled and there is a million things running thru my head but, only one thing would be comprehensible, the Gate now i'm not hearing or seeing anything else other than that corner. Tunnel vision is developing. I went like a straight arrow right uphill to that first corner. Then suddenly I realized I've thrown myself straight into the whole pack of riders, with people infront beside behind me... and then this :silly: guy on my left had to fall on me, and i fell on the guy on my right. I was screaming at the guy to get up. One guy broke his lever.
Well, it took some time to straighten this mess up and by then the pack was way infront (darn) and I was left riding with a drooping clutch lever and weird positioned F.brakes thru out. There goes the 1st moto :scream:

The second time round, I'm just gonna take it slow N easy (yea rite :p ) This time, I chose a spot a few gates away from the guys, this way I feel less pressured and less endangered, though it meant having the mud patch infront of me (its almost dried anyways). I didn't shoot straight for the corner this time, I carefully picked my way thru the tangle of riders and then... I stalled my bike coming out of the first corner going towards the downhill ski jumps.:eek: After I got it started, I rode like a crazy ***** and just managed to see the back of the last rider :(

My last moto was the best, and I was pretty surprised as i'm usually dead tired by then. But some how i rode smarter and smoother by then. I passed a couple of guys into the second corner going to the 1st tabletop and actually kept it going till....I crashed in a corner :scream: I saw a couple of rms pass me (there goes my fun)... I also had a run in with another rider going into a corner (he waved his hand in apology when we came out of the corner :) )
It's 5 days already and I still cant really remember alot :confused:

Sorry I know this is very long but I just had to share it with you guys coz it's one of the best race (and post-race) experience I've had. :)
Hope you all have a great weekend of riding! CHEERS!


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Oct 26, 1999
Thanks for sharing Wroof :) Glad you had fun. I take it you had spare levers along or did you just bend the old ones back? Great that you managed to make it unscathed except for the levers :)

I love it when you come back from a ride buzzing & it stays with you for ages, but it means I'm hopeless at work & am known to sit there laughing to myself throughout the week hehe

I'm actually going to be riding this weekend, and as it's the first real day of riding in a loooooong time, it'll be great :)

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