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I just got a 96' KDX200 and the previous owner had punched holes in the rear fender, to insert tie strips around the frame, because it is cracked. The bike also has cheap replacment headlight. Who makes a MX number plate and rear fender at a resonable price? Thanks.


I have an '89 KDX and recently bought a KX 500 fender for it, only required trimming for the exhaust. Looks great and only cost like $24. I ordered it through Dennis Kirk. Order a catalog from them and it will answer many of your parts related questions.

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For 89 to 94 KDX200's you have a couple choices in rear MX fenders either the 89 to 04 KX500 rear fender or a UFO universal rear fender and do some trimming. For the 95 to 04 KDX200/220 you can pick up a Maier MX style rear fender that made specifically for the bike. I know that Fredette keeps them in stock. You can see pics of both in the readers ride section of the JustKDX home page.

Most people will run KX front number plates and adapt them to their KDX. I've done it in the past and it takes less than an hour depending on how picky you are about he finished look. If you’re not picky then 10 minutes.

It’s likely worth knowing that 89 to 04 KX side plates will also fit directly on an 89 to 94 KDX200.

I hope that helps,