Mar 26, 2007
I was giving my CR250 the once over last night and noticed something odd.

If I grab the rear shock reservoir I can rotate it (the rear shock itself) back and forward at least an inch. It doesn't rattle freely, but it doesn't take much force to move it. The rev of the engine causes it to move, which is how I initially noticed it.

My guess is that the bushings that are between the top shock mount and frame mount are going bad.

There was no left-right or back-forward free play in the swingarm bushings, so I think the problem is contained.

I was planning on running an enduro this weekend, will I harm anything else riding the bike this way?

Also, how does this bushing go bad, and not the swingarm or lower shock mounts?

Lastly, it appears that my suspension was setup by "TrakControl Dynamics." Anyone heard of these guys?


Sep 22, 2006
as long as there isnt any up and down play its ok. The bushings are made to allow some twisting motion. If there is no up and down play in the bushings when you lift up the rear end, then they are still good.

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