Rear shock ; Low comp, and high comp?


Jun 30, 2006
what is Low compression, and what is high compression? I kno the forks only have a rebound and a compression, but the rear shock has a rebound, a low comp, and a high comp. what does the low comp do, and what does the high comp do? My settings are as follows :

Compression-11 clicks out
Rebound-6 clicks out
Fork leg height-5mm up

Hi comp-1-1/2 turns out
Low comp-13 clicks out
Rebound-8 clicks out

I haven't tried these settings yet, my settings now are stock (clickers) all i did was set my race sag, and the bike is wiked bouncy, i just turned the rebound in 2 clicks, stiffend a lil but it still sucks, so tomorrow im going to try those settings, they were recommended to me by a friend of mine who races in the B class with the same bike as me: 06'YZ125. I race motocross and im just curious to know what low compression is and high compression. Thanls
-Tony #422
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