Sep 15, 2000
I am looking for a second rear wheel to enable me to quickly swap between mx and enduro tyres, does anyone know if a rear wheel from any other model KX, KLX, KLR etc will fit or does it have to be from a KDX200 ?? Also if anyone has an SR model do they know if it is the same as the non - SR model. My bike is a 1991 model. Thanks for any help.


Aug 1, 2001
Go to Kawasaki's website. You can view exploded parts diagrams of most all there bikes. Find out the part number of your rear wheel or hub assembly, then start checking other years of the same bike and also various years of other model bikes (eg. KX's, KLR's). This will probably be the best way to verify cross compatibility of parts from year to year and model to model.

I know i've used this procedure to verify that the rear hub for my 93 KX 500 is the same as the 250 and 125. Also, since sprocket manufactures frequently list that there spockets fit KX's and KDX'x and KLR's, that would be a good bet that they are probably using the same hub configuration. Good luck with your search!
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