rebuilding top end

Oct 16, 2000
KX Kips question
Hey guys,
Well I told this guy that doesn't know how to rebuild a top end, that I'd do it for him before thanksgiving weekend. He has an 86 KX 125, I ride Yz's so I've never had to deal with a complex powervalve system, what should I be expecting?, All I have to do is disconnect the powervalve from the crankcase, but I'm not sure where that connection is, from the looks of schematics, it looks like the valve actuators come up through the cylinder by the studs, is that correct? If any of you have experience please let me know how to do this. The guy said he was riding, then his bike died and has little compression now, I am thinking the ring seized in the groove, do you guys agree? Well wish me luck.
Thanks in advance