Nov 21, 1999
How hard is it to change the oil in the forks. Or is this best left to the experts. I bought Eric Gorr's video on the subject and he makes it look pretty easy. Any opion's


Aug 31, 2000
Hi Jim,

it is rather simple. Remove the top cap fron the damping rod, the spring.
Pour away the oil.

Use a impact driver to lossen the compression body at the bottom of the fork.
There will be some oil left, so be careful.

Remove the cartidge and "pump" the excess oil inside the cartidge.
Clear all the holes and passages way.

Install it back the way you dissemble and pour in the recommended oil level and you are done.


Aug 8, 1999
You might be able to leave the cartridge in and pump the oil out by sliding the inner tub in all the way. Saves you having the pull the cartridge out.

At any rate it is NBD. Just did it last week on a Honda.
Nov 21, 1999
Thanks for the replies. Once I get in there I hope I'll figure it out. I've changed oil in the forks before, but that was 15 years ago!! Things sure have changed, and most for the better.
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