Jan 13, 2001
First ride today with the MxTech overhaul front and rear. The diff is night and day!! ANd i have'nt even played with the clickers yet. Jumps, water ruts, rocks, it took them all in stride... very cushy no harshness. I was in better control of the bike instantly, less rider fatiuge... what else can i say?
They don't just throw new valves in like Gold valves, they rebuild the check plate thingie as well (no i don't know the terminology). I went .46 - 5.6 (me 210). My best mod so far. Money well spent. I had do the work. They are the newest MxTech associate, located in Ontario. Ask for Jim, he is knowledgable and helpful. I told him all my suspension woes and what i wanted. He listened like a therapist and answered all my questions.

'01 DRZe400
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