Revalve job (Fredette or Wilkey)??

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Aug 31, 2000
Well I have 2 weeks till my next haresramble race. Thinking about revalving my suspension for my
98 kdx 220. I already have the proper springs front and rear(Wow!!! what a difference). Do you think revalving is worth the
$400-$800 job(Hurts the wallet!!!!!) or do I just have the oil changed and have anything replaced(seals,etc,etc,). I know Wilkey specializes in suspension and Fredette KNOWS the Kdx machine.So who do I choose. I know I can't go wrong with ether. I live 10 minutes from Wilkey and 20 minutes from Fredette.

98 kdx 220


Oct 14, 1999
I haven't had work done by both, so I can't say where/if there is a difference.

I did have my suspension done my MX-Tech. I don't know how it could have been better. There were a couple of spring 'issues' that jeremy responded to immediately (if not sooner).

Yeah..the $$ isn't something I like to think about. Riding the result is nothing short of wonderful, though!!

BTW..if you end up with .40 springs...consider using a set from (not FOR) a late model XR400. They are hot wound, and about 70 some mm longer than the OEM units. Replace that huge spacer with what should be in your fork...SPRING! (sez me)

They work great!!


Jun 5, 2000
I had mine done my MX-Tech and could not be more pleased. Customer service was great as well. That said, I don’t think you could go wrong with either guy. You will be amazed at the difference.


May 28, 2001
I had my shock revalved with Freddette and he added a Race Tech gold valve with stiffer springs in the forks. It now works great. At first they were stiff but after I adjusted the dampning they are plush. It greatly improved my confidence in the roots and whoops. Freddette was reasonable compared to other companies and he knows what works.:)

kaw Bill

Oct 1, 1999
Freddette is sending me gold valves with his shimm placment recommendations and a tool to get the valves out. I'll let You know how it works out when I get them in and have a chance to ride. I'm currently running the stock valving with the 21 lb springs up front and after riding my buddys XR 400 with a complete revalve on both ends I just can't take it any more. His bike floats over small rocks and tree roots and my bike is all over the place.

kaw Bill


Apr 6, 2000
I've got Fredette's ISDE bike from last year... I'll tell you what, the way he sets the suspension up lets the bike float... I had a 98 with the forks done elsewhere, and the bike danced all over the place... your best bet is to go with the man who knows the KDX in the woods. A little softer than Wilkey and many hours of testing behind FRP's suspension

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