Rewiring headlight on 400/520 E/XC


Jun 5, 2001
Hey all! I have heard some talk of others rewiring their headlight on these bikes so that it will utilize either the high beam (instead of low - stock) or you can actually wire it so that both the high and low beam are on. So let's hear some feedback from those that have made this mod. What are the pros and cons? Can the lighting coil handle both the high and low beam on at the same time? Also, I usually run with my light on to make it easier for others to see me on the trail. I have already noticed some very slight melting of the plastic around the headlight (as we ride tight slow trails and it's been in the 90's most of the time). My concern is that with both the high and low running on the bike, there will be more heat and therefor possibly substantial melting. Finally, if someone can give specific instructions (wire colors, where to splice ,etc.) I think it would be useful for us all - Thanks!!


Dec 21, 2000
I rewired the headlight on my '99 380 EXC, but not to run both beams at the same time. Here's what I did; it may or may not be the same on the newer bikes:

The headlight is connected to the electrical system with a...connector. (Imagine that!) There are three wires going from the headlight to that connector: hi, lo, & ground. There are only two wires on the bike side of that connector: ground, and the wire going to the switch. Simply buy an appropriate switch from Radio Shack or wherever, replace the stock one, and also buy the parts to make the bike side of the connector have three wires. Wire it up and you're done. I bought a switch that allows hi beam, lo beam, or off, but I'm sure you could figure out a way to run both at the same time if you want.

I smashed the $4 switch when I endoed once, but other than that it's been absolutely reliable.



May 7, 2001
I wired mine so that both beams work at the same time - seems to work well
but I have only used it once. I don't think running it all the time especialy when the going gets slow is a good idea - like you said it would probably melt.
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