RFS Crankcase Vent spewing oil?


Nov 28, 2000
While climbing a large hill on my 400M/XC I stalled. I turned the bike around and came down the hill and when I went to start it oil blew out of the breather tube which I relocated into the frame with the raidiator crossover hose.
Is there a vent or baffle of some kind I can put on the tube to catch the oil?
I'm glad it wasn't vented in the carb still as it may have fouled my plug and would have made the bike smoke for sure!
Seems like my old 83 xr had a canister or something for this?
I think the oil got in the hose because of the angle of the hill. Maybe if I started it before I rolled down or of I would have waited and let the oil settle for a few minutes?


Jan 5, 2001
The crankcase breather on your RFS is integrated with the counterbalancer which rides in front of the crankshaft. On large downhills it is possible for the crankcase breather to spew some oil. The crankshaft area has a scavenge pump but it is located behind the crankshaft.

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