Ride Report and "The Big Mac" Bridge!

Jul 25, 2002
hey all...i finally got a decent trail ride in this last weekend, my wife and i went up to mackinaw for a long weekend to see some family. Lucky for me i have a cousin who rides....we rode the black lake trails and some two tracks by mullett lake then for a finally and a dream come true I got to ride the over the mackinaw bridge on his street legal XR400! That was SWEET!!! The outside lane on the "bridge" section was closed so we had to ride on the grating...which was a little freaky but a blast!! The lady at the toll booth was laughing when we pulled up to pay...she said they don't have too many dirtbikes ride over it. I was shaking i was soo excited...I almost looped out coming down the approach i got brave and got the front wheel up for a picture..my wife was in her car in front of us with my cousin's wife clicking pics. We rode at a friends place outside of st. ingace then back across the bridge later in the afternoon...this time i was ride a KTM 450!! It was a perfect day saturday although a touch warm but hardly any wind! I am hoping to get some pics posted or at least a link to them. I know woodsy has had a chance to ride over the bridge and if anybody ever can do it!!!! I am going to try and make trailfest if i get the honda back together and hope to bring a few friends....hope to meet some of you guys and see the rest of you guys...............


Mi. Trail Riders
Jan 16, 2002
Hey Drew - GREAT REPORT!! I ALWAYS enjoy reading about other folks riding times!!! There is something really special about crossing the Mac on a dirtbike isnt there. And, oh yes, the "toll booth" folks get the funniest look on their faces :) :) And Bill, about that comment of me riding the length of the span on the back wheel - that was on the concrete, I wouldn't attempt it on that grating - well, maybe I would if I was having a good day :)
Sieze the Day brothers!!