Sep 19, 2007
I rode here on Thursday. My feedback:

Dirt: They are trying to "correct" the dirt and have added a lot of wood chips to the dirt. It's a pretty loose track and getting roosted by wood chips from your buddies yzf450 is not much fun. The dirt is a lot better over the last few months from what the track owner told me. they are in the process of bringing a water truck in. Right now they are watering the track daily with a tractor pulling a tank on a trailer.

Turns: Eh! They have some flat turns that seemed to slow my down quite a bit. I'm no fan of flat turns.

Jumps: Two table tops, 5 or 6 doubles, a few step ups, and a few steps downs. One triple (No damn it, I didn't triple it). Well groomed rythm section. One of the table tops is not neccesarily "big" but it is very long. You really have to be pinned to get all of it. Several guys are seat-bouncing this jump. I heard a few riders complaining of the immediate (flat) turn when you land.

Off track riding: They have cut approximately one-mile of trails on the property. They are still working on this part. I didn't ride the trails.

They are open on Thurs, Sat, and Sun. Quads are allowed on the track Thursday's only. (No more Thurs for me!)
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