Mar 27, 2001
I hooked up with gospeedracer, TTRguy & Kiwi (bird of paradise) at Jawbone Canyon this past Sunday.

After we all geared up we were off. The first challenging hill we got to gospeedracer & I stopped to look before we tried it. Gospeedracer then made the comment that whatever we went up we were going to have to come back down. That was the scariest part for me…..thinking about getting back down, but I figured worse case scenario I could walk it. TTRguy went ahead to show us which line to take, but I still wasn’t sure. Gospeedracer was the bravest of us two and went for it. She made it the first try, yee ha! I figured if she made it on a 125, I could on my thumper. So off I went up the hill luckily conquering it the first try, whew! The scenery up there was absolutely breathtaking, but it made me nervous about how far up we were.

Kiwi was trail boss for a ride that him and the boys went on later. They went on a really technical ride where they got to a vertical drop at the bottom of a downhill where all three of them had to lower the bikes one at a time--and then they found the trail where they could have just ridden. Kiwi said that it wouldn't have been as memorable though, hee hee. Dang, to think that we missed that Kodak moment. All three guys lowering the bikes one at a time.

I am glad I got to meet more DRNers & I had a great time, thanks! :)
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Oct 26, 1999
Sounds like a blast. As for downhills, nah, rather go up them thanks ;)
Least you went & rode Pity you didn't catch the guys lowering their bikes but no matter :)


Sep 6, 2000

going up scary hills n coming down... hmm:think
your post reminds me i have some confidence regaining to do this weekend... :p

sounded like u had a great ride, nothing beats good companionship on trail rides! :)

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