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Feb 15, 2000
**Ride review SE250**

Well, it took 6 months to get it. My new Gas Gas SE250.
The differences between the XC and SE are-
Ohlins forks
WER steering dampner
Higher compression motor
Gold EE bark busters w/ white hand guards
Gold DID "U" rims
HEBO tapered bars
Gripper seat w/ different graphics
Owner's name stamped on a plate, mounted on frame.

The shipping company dropped the bike off at my job one morning. I was like a kid at Christmas. All I had to do was mount the front wheel, foot pegs, and handle bars. It took a couple days to fine tune every thing else, like lever positions and add a Yamaha kill switch. The first thing I thought was, this bike is too beautiful to ride. It even smellt good.
Time to hit the trail.

Brakes: Excellent, it uses CR components. Front wheel stoppies are no problem.Went to a kevlar pad on the front to increase feel.

Suspension: Rides very plush, slightly stiff under hard compression. Which I like any how. The rear shock took about 4 rides to break in. Very smooth now. The forks have little flex in them. I've slammed into whoops and roots with no bike deflection.

Engine: Very powerful, I can double whoops with no problems. It had a slight burble at 1/8 throttle. Went to an 8.0 slide which fully cured that problem, now it's crisp all the way through. Revs really fast, seem to have little fly wheel effect. Rips coming out of turns. Suits my riding style. Very fuel efficient.

Handling: Very quick. Best handling bike I've ever ridden. You can change direction so easy with just the weight transfer on the pegs.
Handles whoops real easy. Bike very easy to ride, you don't waste a lot of energy fighting the bike.

Controls: Shifting is also very smooth. Clutch is slightly stiffer than my '98 GG. Thottle action is smooth. Comes w/ Michelin M12s. Slight vibrations in the foot pegs while riding in 1st, goes away when under way.

Negatives: Not too many. Quick access nut to air filter fell off. Had to disable the suicide kick stand. Replace bogus kill switch.

Bottom line: If you can get one, get it. It might cost more up front, but that's money you would have to spend any how. This bike is guaranteed to make you made me!
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Aug 8, 1999
Will do, G, but it will be a month or so unless you wanna drag the thing up to Colorado ;) .

Personally I think it's the shoes...


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Dec 26, 1999
Woooo Hoooo! Congrats GGDude!!!! Very cool.:) :) :)
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