riding on paved back roads. do you?

Nevada Sixx

Jan 14, 2000
hi,, do any of you guys ride your dirt bikes on paved back roads,, (the ones where a car might come by every 15-30 minuets).

I dont think the county law men would mind to much if i go slow and stay to the side,,
i mean,, people walk, ride bicycles all the time on the side of the road,, why not ride dirt bike on the side of the road?.... any idea how much trouble i would be in? thanks...


Nov 7, 2000
I'm sure if the cop realy wanted to be mean you could get all sorts of tickets. You could get one for no head light or blinkers, an unregistered vehicle on the road, no motorcycle license if you don't have one, no insurance. I sure that he could proalby inpound it or make you push it home. I would not do it unless you have to so that you could connect a trail. I do ride mine up the block and down the alley to test after working on it, but thats it. I'm sure if I get caught I will get tickets. The DPS officer who lives on my block has told me that if she catches me I will be fined. She stopped by while I was washing my bike in the driveway.


May 4, 2001
Sounds like you need a dual sport. I recently bought one and got my license.
It sure feels good to be legal. I get looks all the time from the police, I think that
They're looking for blinkers - to make sure it's a bumper thumper (KTM 640 LC4).

Lately, I've been riding on the roads quite a bit. way more than I thought I would.
You can pick up a nice late '90s Suzuki DR350S for around $2500. It's another cost,
but they can't legally take it away from you.
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