RIP Kawasaki 2-strokes

Jul 9, 2007
After reading the forum post about the RM 250 being the last of its breed for 2008, I decided to check out Kawasakis website for their 2008 models. Ive found modestly upgraded KXFs and no KX 250. The 10 year old KX85 and KX100 as well as the KX 65 return with no changes. In addition to the death of the KX250, the legendary off road KDX 200 has met its death. The KDX is a pretty legendary woods bike, we have a 93 sitting in our garage and for an old beater it motors like you would not believe and is as tough as nails! Im kinda sad to see that bike go but its rather ancient compared to its KTM competitors.

I have been seriously considering a KX250, brand new, for my next bike next year or so but I guess I will have to hope to find a mint used bike or a left over now. Say so long to cheap (relitively), light, easy to start, snappy 2-strokes my friends. At least from Kawasaki, oh and Honda, looks like Suzuki is bowing out as well. Yamaha and KTM though still have faith in their smokers though, hell Yamaha even threw a few little upgrades their way!