rm 250 tank and plastics on dr250


Apr 16, 2007
i have a dr250 and its got the wrong tank on at the minute and i have been looking at my mates rm250 and i reckon it will look great if i put that tank on with the radiator covers but i dont know whether it would fit, i fitted his old back mudguard and side panels and they fit but i havent tried the tank and he has went to stay at yorkshire for a few weeks will the tank fit on the dr250 or not my dr250 is a 1998 model and the plastics i tried on the back end are off a 1990' rm250 and they look good but im keeping them off for now because i dont like having too many different parts on a bike as i say it looks like a bike built at the scrapyard lol at the min the bike is fully original except from the tank, i have been on bikepics to find the picture of a 1990' rm250 and i have found this

looks abit new to me for 1990'
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