RM Tank and front plate fits on DRZ 400 ?

Nov 2, 2003
Is it possible to fit any RM tank and front plate on DRZ 400 ?
Concerning black plastics no problem for DRZ I am really concerned about tank and front plate...
I like this model but with MX plastics...

Thanks alot.


Here's a couple of choices for number plates: Click

The one on the left is from an 01RM125/250, the one on the right is 96-98.

As for the tank/shrouds, etc., it takes some modifying. To go full-on RM plastics and seat, you will have to modify the subframe, or procure an RM subframe and modify it to fit the DRZ, etc. I never went that far with the project, so I don't know exactly what needs to be done. The front plate by itself sure does clean things up a lot, however.