Jan 10, 2007
Well i have a '01 suzuki rm100. My friend dumped i guess you can say when he siezed it i guess. Im not sure what totally's wrong with it. Somethings i noticed is that it wont kick start, its locked up. Im used to riding a 4 stroke (trr-125l). But i sold it, why i dont know i wish i didnt. But i miss riding so bad. Ive been considering getting this bike running. I mean he left the bike in my garage almost a year and ahalf ago. Im just not sure how much ill need to spend. So thats why i came here to ask the experts. So if you can reccomend what i should do id appricate it..thanks again.steve


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Nov 27, 2001
thats a really tough one. depends on why it siezed.
2 common failures.
crank rod bearing. $200 for new crank plus piston kit and gasket kit. should do crank bearings and trans bearings when split...$250ish. plus labor. $175-$400 depending on where you go. thats if the motor is out.

ring snagged in the exh port. new piston $75. topend gasket kit. $20 recondition cylinder $250. plus labor. $100+

cannot tell extent of damage until motor is torn apart.
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