Nov 18, 2002
Picked up a basket case 1994 RM250 for my brother awhile back. Got it together and it sounds strong. Prior owner LA sleeved it. Compression is good. We ride at sea level, and mostly trail stuff. No mx or wide open. I currently have a stock KDX pipe on the fatty chamber because of noise police. What jets should I use for a starting point?
Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.


Nov 18, 2003
man i just did the same thing; this one has talon rims/hubs and a 320cc big-bore kit; really is fun as a playbike. unfortunatley though, these bikes eat ignition-side crank seaks! once your bike begins to idle high once its warmed-up, or idle erratically in any way, check your seal! fortunatley, u can buy it at your local industrial bearing/seal guy for about $3.
so, ensure that your bike does not have this problem b 4 u start trying to jet it.
otherwise ask a local shop/buy a manual, to find out what stock is, or best-yet, buy eric gorrs book and it has lots of tips/specs in it---the best $20 mc money u will ever spend.
once u have stock sea-level specs, go from there. remember, if it has been bored, it will run a bit rich if using stock jettting...
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