Jan 27, 2000
2-Strokes 4-ever said:
since all of her comments after that one are merely her rationalizing what she knows is "A stupid and potentially dangerous idea."

If rational thinking was involved, none of us would probably ride dirt bikes in the first place. ;)

To many, just riding a motorcycle is a stupid and potentially dangerous idea.

Back is the old days, we used to have events called 'Field Meets'. This is where a bunch of riders get together and do stupid and potentially dangerous things on motorcycles just to have fun.

Trying to complete a course while sitting backwards on your gas tank.

Riding double and trying to knock the other passengers off of the back while not losing your own passenger. (All done at low speeds.) The last one with their passenger intact wins.

Trying to complete a course while holding an egg in a spoon in one hand without breaking the egg.

Slow races. Trying to go as slow as you can without falling over or going backwards on the course. It's ok to stop as long as you don't put your feet down. Last guy wins.

Mix in a little barley pop and these events become funnier than you can imagine. And even more potentially dangerous.

And of course back then, many only wore T-shirts and jeans and sometimes not even a helmet.

In those days we called it fun. I guess in todays politically correct world it's called stupid. :(

This is a potentially dangerous sport. If it wasn't, everybody would do it and they would call it golf or sumtin'. :cool:


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
My wife jumped off the back of my bike 1 time. The hill climb I was about to attempt double, when her knees dragged due to the incline, she figured it was too steep and just stood up. Done went up 3 or 4. How was I supposed to know someone took the other side away? My mom had the best idea, she just grabbed a hold of my jersey neck. The faster I went, the more she pulled! About choked me in 4th gear. Now for the over 18 antics? I got a few of them also. And not to mention, making your buddy push the bike back, priceless!


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Dec 19, 2007
My friend has worked out a very effective way to control my speed. When we are riding she always has her arms around me. The faster I go, the harder she digs her nasty, bony little fingers into my ribs/stomach. When it gets too painful, I slow down. Thankfully she hasn't tried choking me yet, although, that time I rode my bike over her foot, she sure looked like she wanted to. :nod:
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