Mar 18, 2007
Hey guys, I had a question that I was hoping some of you carb experts could shed some light on...

My 2000 rm250 has Keihin carbs (I thought that was stock) w/out any other real engine modifications besides a pipe/silencer. Runs well, needs to be jetted for a slightly higher altitude but thats about it (don't know much about carbs, so this will be my learning experience)

A 1999 CR250 I was looking at had the Keihin carbs (which I thought CR's came with Mikunis?). It also had a heavier fly wheel (good or bad), boysen power reed valve (does that sound right?) and typical pipe/silencer.

How would most of you compare those engines if they were in comparable shape? (I would rebuild the CR if I got it anyway). I don't know much about the engine mod's since I am new to the dirt side of riding... Thanks! :cool:


Jan 14, 2007
i know the carb on the rm is a 38 mm pwk power jet kehin and i think the honda has the same one. the rad valve is a good thing and so is the flywheel weight if it feels really jumpy off the bottom that weight will smooth out the hit.
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