RMZ 450 Fork Options - 2014


Timmy Timmy Timmy!
Sep 24, 2000
I have a 2014 RMZ 450. I’m on my second fork rebuild in about 14 hours of riding. The first rebuild was oil seals and fluid. The left side (brake) was the leaker. The second rebuild was bushings, oil/dust seals and fluids, this time both tubes were leaking. Both jobs were done by a suspension guy I’ve used for years. So here I’m again with the right side gushing fluid. The forks have a what I believe is a DLC coating (At least that’s what the dude stated when I purchased the bike). It’s hard to see in the picture, but I can see a little silver in a scratch and maybe feel a slight edge with my fingernail.

Here are the options I’ve looked at:
  • Stripping the DLC coating off, holy batman… that’s not happening, big time $ and no guarantee this fixes the seal eating problem.
  • Have the forks rebuilt again, and hope for the best, but I know there is a larger problem. Most likely wasted $ after two rebuilds in 14 hours of riding with the same result.
  • Replace the fork tubes, but again big dollars and it could be forever and a day to get the tubes. Two Suzuki dealerships quoted minimum lead time of 10 days, but I know it will be double that.

The last option is to purchase another set of forks. After trying to determine what other model years of RMZ forks will work with my 2014 clamps and front wheel, I’m just coming up short on a long double. So, looking for some insight as to what other model years of RMZ forks will work with my clamps and front wheel? The clamps are by Ride Engineering.

Appreciate the help.