Mar 31, 2000
Anyone ever been to Rockingham recreational trail off of RT 93 ?
it's about 45min from where I live. Is it worth the drive, actually any legal riding is worth the drive for me, central Ma. is really getting hammered by town, state and eviromental cops shutting everything down. this part of the state has some of the best riding due to its varying terrain. I'm gonna miss my stomping grounds.


May 21, 2001
I live in NH and at least the state has given us a few trail systems to ride in.I only wish we had 10% of what the snowmobilers get but it's still better than other states.Rockingham is great,28 miles of trails.The sugar river trail in Newport/Claremont is good too but only 8 miles.Just went there today and all these freakin mountain bikers are everywhere on the trails.Don't they have plenty of other places to ride that we can't ride on.Then they whine about the dirtbikes and atv's? I guess some guy got killed at Rockingham a few weeks back.First night on his new bike,going nuts with no helmet!The pits there are posted so I guess they don't want anyone riding in them.Why I don't know,maybe private land?I heard Mass is terrible (Vermont too),basically no where to ride.
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