Apr 6, 2008
hey all got a question found 2 holes on the bottom of my frame where the foot pegs are bike is 84 xr 250 in good shape the holes range from 1/4"-1/2" long by 3/16"-1/4"wide how should i repair this .I thought of cutting pipe in half and welding but then thought about the heat on frame =stess weak spot .Also thought about cleaning the spots and applying jb weld or i could just go buy another frame and swap everything over (last resort) any response will be good
thx :ohmy:


Jan 27, 2000
Just weld 'em up.

If you know somebody with a wire welder, it would be easy to close them up. Just apply a bead around the edges a little bit at a time, allowing the metal to cool between beads. Your frame is made from mild steel and will be easy to weld. Just take your time and keep the heat down. When you're done, grind it smooth.

Your idea of cutting a piece of tubing in half and tacking it over the holes is also a good idea. Especially if the holes are caused by wear from the frame bottoming out on the ground or rust. If this is the case, the frame tubing may be very thin around the holes and will be hard to weld up without blowing through. If you 'Glove' it with another piece of tubing it will cover the holes and add strength to the frame.

Just my $ .02

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