Seat foam shave vs shock spacer?


Mar 26, 2001
I have got the right spring for my weight and set the race sag right at 95-98mm but the bike is still too darn tall for me! I'm 5'6 and ride mainly enduros (lotsa stops on uneven ground!). I *really* need to get the darn bike a lower, an inch would be good enough.

I am thinking of either bringing the seat foam to a upholstery shop to shave off probably an inch off the seat foam or put a spacer in the rear shop which prevents the shock from fully extending (which in turn lowers the bike).

Do you guys have any idea which one I should go for? I'm leaning towards the shaving seat foam choice (I'll only shave a little!) as I'm afraid inserting a spacer into the shock might screw up how the suspension works.

Thanks in Advance.


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
At 5'7" I have the same problem. I wouldn't suggest the spacer. Instead go ahead and have your foam shaved. I did this on my 2000 KTM 125sx (i used a hacksaw) and it was like being on a new bike. Also, on a KTM such as mine, you can saw about a 5mm chunk out of the sub-frame and it will lower your ride about an inch. I haven't needed to saw my sub-frame but KTM claims that if you do, the rear wheel still won't bottom out. You can do the seat yourself, just be sure you have an ample stapler for the seat cover...hand operated staplers won't get the job done, you need an air gun.
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