Second backflip has been completed


Jul 12, 2000
I watched the video. I'd say that Hart definitely pulled the trick better and at least Hart landed it on flat ground not onto a pile of something. I believe it was wood chips he landed in. Its still a crazy trick and something I'd never attempt or have the ability to do.


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Mar 7, 2000
It looks like to me that this was a practice ramp and jump. That look like moss, grass, sawdust, etc. for crash landing while attempting this. It looks like even if you didn't do a backflip, there's no actually landing ramp at all. I say look for something more public coming soon while he perfects it.


Mar 7, 2000
Hello guys I have been away for a few months, I am a freind of Mr Wyatts. he has been talking about doing the big flip for years. But it allways seemed as he was hurt, imagine that. i just ran across his vid and i am way stoked i could not beleive it. I called every one around to tell them about it. nothing like seeing one of your buddies busting out. How many of you guys have seen the Real T.V. where the guy trys to jump onto the dam? Well that is Caleb. He is a hard worker and I hope this is what he needs to set him up as one of the greats.
P.S. Caleb where is my Flex grip?

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