P. Pinestraw

Jun 28, 2001
I am going to sell my '94 XR600R. It has an A-Loop seat/tank assembly, Works Connection frameguards, Ty Davis hot start, Uni air filter, Excel rims, Scott's brake pins, Scott's lifetime stainless steel oil filter, + other extras & spare parts. I have put about 40 off-road races on it, but it still flies like a toxic bat and has been ultra-dependable -- with only ONE mechanical DNF. I hope to get at least $1800 for it. Am I asking too much for it? Too little? I'm just looking for a little feedback on this if anyone can help me out! I've seriously thought about keeping it because it's such a neat bike; just heavy. I'm about to acquire a CRF450. Thanks a lot.


Feb 24, 2001
there is nothing too say that you HAVE too get rid of her. i have fond memories of my 1990 DR250. if there ever was a pig, it was her, but she was so fun to ride. the point is, do what she tells you to do. i'm selling my DR to my little brother so that he can learn to ride just like i did. my bike has no hard feelings because she knows that she is going to a good home. You ask what you think you can get from her, a fair price for your blood, sweat, and tears is deserved. I love my old dr, but i know that it is time to part ways, so long DR, so long.

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