Service Honda 130 Watt Lighting Coil Kit With Vortex 10x Cdi Cr500 And Cr250

AJ Waggoner

Crash Test Dummy
Nov 5, 1999
For those interested:

We are offering a Service Honda lighting coil / lighting stator and V- rotor kit, with a Vortex 10x map CDI for the CR500.

The stator/V-rotor produces 130 watts lighting power.
The Vortex 10x CDI, has ten pre-loaded maps.
It comes with a handlebar switch, that lets you choose between the default map 1, and an option map - 1 thru 10.
A quick screwdriver adjustment on the CDi,lets you choose which option map this switch will select.*

Handlebar switch not shown,but is included.

This lighting kit is only sold as a complete kit- lighting Stator ,V- rotor, Vortex 10x CDI and handlebar switch. $953.19

The Vortex 10x CR500 CDI can be ordered separately $535.95

The stator and v-rotor parts are not interchangable with OEM parts.

*if the handlebar switch is not installed on the the bike, the CDI will run on the default 1 map.

The Vortex 10x CDI is programmable.The software to program it is sold directly through Vortex for those interested.

This lighting kit, stator, v-rotor, and Vortex 10X CDI are also available
specifically for Honda 2000-2001 CR250R applications.