Shawn Reed Injury & Donation Money Stolen!


May 7, 2001
Shawn Reed was seriously injured while riding at Club Moto on Thursday night 8/2/01. His neck is broken and he currently is suffering paralyzation from the chest down, with some control of his arms and hands.

On Friday night August 17th, after 11pm or so, someone took the donation box into the porta-potty, tore it apart, and stole all the cash inside. What kind of low-life sick fu#@ would do this???
there is a a $1,000 REWARD for information leading to the capture and arrest of this sick *******.

There is a benefit race, bbq, and raffle on Sept 8th at Club Moto
that Mutant Motorsports & Fatdaddyz Catering is hosting.

the following is a list of those helping:

Steve Caballero - personal donations
American Racer- Bob Kosovilka
Racer X Magazine- Davey Coombs
Santa Clara Cycle- Doug Scheid
Clorox- Nicola White
Grand Prix-Deena
Parts Unlimited-Mark Johnson
TCR Wheels- Troy Cardiel
XTOYS/ Pritchett
Engineered Crane Service-Ed Sherman
Motoheads- Rich Dandolo
San Jose Yamaha-Jay
Lindemann Engineering- Jim Lindemann
Zoom Cycle Accessories-Dan
Road Rider-Scott
Jim Lewis- personal donations
Rodney Smith
All American Honda Suzuki
Hayward Honda Suzuki - Mark (said they would help)
Jeff Pestana Riding School - Jeff Pestana, Kenny Heess


Open practice is from 8:00am-1:00pm.
All practice proceeds will go to Shawn Reed. The cost os $20.00 per rider.
if your in the area, show up!

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