May 11, 2001
well you could take it to a suspension specialist or you could do it the shade tree way by shortening the springs and or lowering the seat i have a friend that is 5ft 2in with really short legs we lowerd the seat by taking the cover off and resculpting the foam untill we had it right you might want to practice this on an old seat first till you get the hang of it or you can throw the sag settings out the window and set the rear spring low and raise the forks up in the tripple clamps or do both


Dec 5, 2000
I would try this little ditty. Shorten your sub frame bars that run down to the frame. I read that the most you could cut off is 8 mm but 5 mm is better. I did the seat cutting thing for my son and it worked good. I would avoid any suspension changes.

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