Sep 19, 2006
I've been wanting/needing/looking for a new bike. I was looking for a 250 2smoke but I've been open to anything. The other day I was riding around an 06 CRF450R that the shop I work at owns and it was sweet! I've ridden some other 450s and thought they were really cool, incredible power and were just fun. The reason I wasn't looking for a 450 before was the price of parts for them but now that I work at a MC shop I can get anything really cheap and that opens up the 4F realm.

I was going to buy a 250 MXer and convert it too woods/mx riding. I really want to race the WORCS series (50/50 MX and off-road) and my KDX won't take it. For the rest of my time I spend riding in woods, cinders and backwoods tracks and when possible actual MX tracks.

How well would a 450R perform in the woods compared to a 250smoker? The stuff I ride is for the most part very tight and occasionally when I go south it opens up for faster, more open desert riding.

Ok, on too what I wanted to really ask. It's funny how I managed to veer off topic... There is an 04 CRF450R for sale near me and my interest has been peeked. How does this sound?
Valves just adjusted maybe 2 hours ago
FMF PowerBomb and Q2 pipe
also have White Bros. tit. pipe and Carbon Fiber Pro
ASV un-breakable levers
ProTaper top triple clamp
ProTaper fat bars
stabilizer mount and post
desert tank
new white plastic and stock red plastic (on bike now)
Excell black rims on stock hubs
70% tires
new chain and sprockets
really well maintained

Because of leaking fork seal I'll sell for $3000.
How well will that work for my purposes? Leaking fork seal isn't a problem for me (working at a shop) and I figure that if I don't really like it, I could turn around and sell it for that much again, possibly? What would I be looking at maintenance wise, how often for valves? oil changed every 5hours? air filter changed when needed/every ride?

Sorry for the questions! I just want to be sure. :bang: :ride:
Thank you!

There is a picture as well,
Jan 3, 2007
I think a couple of bolt on parts and she would be race ready. It seems lots of 4 strokes race WORCS but not to many 2 strokes ride it. I think this might be because of all of the open sections. So, like i said befor go for it.


Sep 19, 2006
OMG! I love this thing, incredible power. It's in even better condition than I thought it would be in. I'm going riding soon to find a starting point on the suspension.

Here's my current steads together, sweet!
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