Jan 27, 2001
i have a couple silencer questions for my 94' kdx200
1) what silencer/arrestor do u recommend?
2) why doesn't fmf make a 'power core II', and 'turbine core II' for 94' and earlier?
3) whats the difference between the 'power core' and the 'turbine core'
thx alot, your help is greatly appreciated


Apr 27, 2001
I would suggest contacting FMF and finding out for sure if they do or do not carry your silencer. I say this because I've noticed they don't list a pipe for my '91 kdx 250 in their catalog or on their websight but I have one on my bike. The basic difference between the silencers is the turbine core has a built in spark arrestor for riding on National Forest land, etc. The power-core does not. Out here in California you have to have a spark arrestor on most public land. The Turbine-core actually uses a turbine to both dampen the sound and act as a spark arrestor. If you don't need the spark arrestor the power core is supposed to restrict flow less creating more power. Good luck! :)

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