Feb 16, 2001
A little background,
I'm 6'2" about 180 lbs, and I ride a TTR250
I pretty much a beginer at riding.
I notice that I have a tendency to sit farther back on the bike.
Last time I rode I tried moving up on the bike, and therefore was able to squeeze the tank with my knees.
I was wondering what the pros and cons to each are.
Should I be switching back and forth.
It seemed that I was more stable sitting closer to the front, although it felt a bit weird, probably because I'm not really used to it.
Thanks for any info or suggestions,


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Oct 23, 2000
For your size I would think that sitting up front would be alittle cramped on that bike. Most people will tell you not to sit and I agree with that but then again I don't. The only time I sit down is when I'm not trying to go that fast and just kinda tooling around in the woods. If you are riding kinda fast I would definatly recomend standing.

Heres how I under stand it.

Sharp fast track turns = sit closer to tank
sharp fast woods turns = don't know but I almost always stand in the woods
hard breaking = stand leaning back (weight on rear tire)
Want more traction on your rear tire = sit far back

For slow riding and no crazy manuvers a neutral body position is fine. But that is not very good practice and you should probably make yourself stand most of the time. Handling is so much better.

Hopes this helps alittle.


Mar 15, 2001
Youll have to move around depending on the situation. Especially on jumps. Sitting up front and squeezing with your knees will give you more control over the bike. Sitting towards the back will give you more traction to the rear wheel. So youll just have to move around accordingly. Plus if you stand, it give you even more control. I still havent mastered standing, Ive always sat, so its still a bit weird to me.


Jun 29, 1999
Re geting forward while sitting, are you using the stock bars? At your height, you'll find "hi bend" bars rotated forward will allow you (force you) to get forward. Plus they'll be a lot more comfortable and less cramped in general. The only reason for sitting back that I know of is as these guys have said, for maximum rear wheel traction. Or maybe to give your butt a rest when cruising on smooth sections :).
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