skid plate - radiator guards


Jan 5, 2006
my 03 220 is totally stock except for the new 756's i'm about to mount up and some bark busters.

a friend of mine here in texas said my first investment should be a skid plate and radiator guards. sounds good to me, but how much of a priority should i make it? asap, or when i get some christmas money kinda thing? i'd like to do the exhaust first, but this sounds like its probably more important.

thanks guys,
Jun 28, 2006
Skid plate and rad. guards are money well spent. Radiators are expensive to replace but can be repaired. Skid plate will protect the frame rails but most important it protects engine cases. I would buy both of this items before buying new exhaust system.


Dec 14, 2004

Raditor guards, skid plate, you bet! If you ride in the rocks and logs, get a pipe guard as well. FRP makes a nice one as does Moose. It comes down to personal preference. I wish I would have invested in one before I flattened by new FMF Desert pipe! OUCH! Fixed the Ding, got a guard, no more trouble.


Jan 16, 2004
I'd say that unless you are planning on immediately racing...I'd go ahead and get the items you want first.

The skid plate is nice so you won't scratch up the frame or case a large rock...also helps keep the mud out.

I race and still have not purchased radiator side is cracked, but nothing mechanical has been damaged.
I would say that as many times as I flip my bike and have launched it with out me being on it when it lands...I would say these bikes are pretty bullet proof already.

I say go for the pipe and'll notice a measurable difference in power.

John Harris

Apr 15, 2002
I have used radiator braces rather than guards successfully on my KDX, but alas like many others waited too long before I installed them! If you use the stock pipe, gutted works almost as good as an fmf woods, you will not need the pipe guard. Other than weight, stock silencer performs as well as aftermarket, and it is forestry service approved, and many aftermarket are not. More input to confuse you. Read old threads. Cheers John
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