So how bad is Grant Langston's Shoulder?


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
An injury like the separation reported by Gerald L. on can kill a season. Anyone know how bad the injury really is? Is Grant going to be able to continue? Usually a several week deal to recover from a detachment. ( For me it was a several MONTH deal):(


Jul 12, 2000
Langston is showing some real grit and determination. Grant is really proving how badly he wants to win. How amazing would it be if he could somehow pull off the title? Realistically he's in a big hole having missed Budds Creek, but stranger things have happened.


Jul 7, 2000
It took me four weeks to get back on a bike after a third degree shoulder seperation. Then again I don't get paid or have all the needles available to me. Now I am not saying his shoulder was shot up, just the simple process of aspirating {drain fluid build up} relieves a tremendous amount of discomfort. Someone should tell Grant to get it fixed otherwise your shirts hang off the low shoulder side and never sit straight. As for bad Karma, maybe he should see his astrologist then his psychic better yet consult his witch doctor just to see if it's safe to ride:p Oh yeah don't step on any cracks!:eek:
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