so is the pipe mod on an SR worth the trouble?

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
Yes it makes for MUCH stronger power delivery. Many people like it better than the aftermarket pipes and it'll be a whole lot cheaper than importing a pipe. Give it a try you have nothing to loose.

Just leave the inner wall of the header section.



Jun 29, 2000
Do it Jaguar

As you know I modded my standard pipe and at the same time I did the power valves and the bike is totally different now 3rd gear wheelies on 14/47 are very easy. The mid and upper punch is superb now and has really shocked many of my off and on road friends. On the tarmac the acceleration from 40 to 85Mph is fantastic although she doe's tend to overrev a little.
Off road its a totally different kettle of fish. I thought she'd be a little high geared but no. I haven't rode motorcross style for a while but this is as close as I'm comfortable with.
The bike was running quite rich to start with and since I did the mod Ive been keeping an eye on the plug colour and shes running better than before.

Thanks Thanks, Thanks Canadian Dave for giving me the confidence to get around to doing this mod. In your article you mentioned that it would really surprise other off road users. It surprised me more.

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