softer hit?

slojo 1

Eric, is there a reversible(not porting) way to soften the hit of a 02 YZ250? I still want to be able to put back to stock for mx but I would like to make it more friendly in the tight technical slippery woods of New England. Already have a flywheel wgt.


Thinks he can ride
Maybe more flywheel weight would help.


How does the FMF Q work for quieting down the YZ? I want something for trail riding and have heard the Q didnt do much on other bikes. How do you like it?


The Q really did not quiet it down that much, it is a little quieter than the stock silencer.

Over all I really like the silencer but I usually put the stock one on when we go to the mx track. (which is not that often)

It mellowed out the mid range hit.

I usually drop one size on pilot jet and one on main jet.

I am going to try a gnarly pipe soon, I put a big dent in the stocker and want more low end and some of the mid range hit back.