Jan 9, 2000
As well as him recently winning a round of the World IDSE championships(at his first ever go) Everts has let a Uk mag test both his 450 and 250 GP bikes,i thought i would let you know the differences to std.

Starting with the 250-it is basically a std bike, he uses his 2 year old Technical Touch Kayaba suspension  (you can buy the same) and it has the factory berrilium brakes(you cant buy), all engine parts and other bits are straight from the YRRD (Yamaha and Rinaldi Research Dept) part bin(you can buy these in 04)Its uses a std frame and doesnt feature the hdro clutch of the 450.


The tester went on to say it wasnt a very amazing bike at all, it went better than a std one(more mid and top) but was harder to ride.The suspension was softer than he expected.All in all it was just liek riding a locally hopped up bike.


The 450 was more special but again not amazing.It has the full factory Kayaba's (again fairly soft)and full factory front brakes(brembo) rear uses a std 02 YZ caliper, it uses a std frame and the only changes are different triple clamp offsets for the different tracks types(all the factorys do this now)the engine was a strong point, its got a short 2nd gear thats just for starts(and a longer swingarm for the same reason), once off the gate its a one speed bike, he uses 3rd nearly all the time.It goes forever in 3rd.The engine is very strong in the midrange as Everts likes to try to maintain high corner speed.

It has a hydro clucth for a lighter feel.Lots of titanium for less weight.


So basically it felt like a powerfull(but not quasar fast) 450 thats got soft suspension and a lighter weight and clutch feel.

This just shows how far they have come with production bikes.Everts has made the bikes suit his riding style but they are very much still a YZ250 and 450f.


Long live the works bikes. :worship:


May 14, 2003
Ineresting. I wish guys could change swingarm lengths over here. We did that in the 70's all the time and it makes a huge difference. There's only so much you can do moving the axle up and back in the adjuster.


May 14, 2003
I didn't think that was legal, but I could be wrong. I know KTM wanted to change their swingarms to make more rising rate, and the AMA wouldn't let 'em. People change linkages a lot, but I think the swingarm itself has to be stock.


AssClown SuperPowers
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Aug 2, 2000
the difference could be that the KX250 swingarm is available to the public, where KTM may have had a custom swingarm that wasn't.

Sounds logical to me . . .
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