Nov 13, 1999
Uh-uh! When I found the price of those bad boys I thought I'd like to delete that post.

Then again, Ti springs weigh 1.5 lb vs 4.5 lb (their numbers). Say they cost $400 more than steel. Thats $8.33/ounce. That's a lot cheaper than most of the Ti and CFRP jewelry those YZF nuts buy.

They must be cool, one of the vendors listed says they increase travel. Truly miraculous!

It continues to gall me that the mfgs act like Ti is super expensive like it used to be. The bigs should start putting on bikes stock before the public wises up and loses the "Gee Whiz" attitude.

Me, I figure I have about $11,000 under my gut belt that I'll work on before I spend cash to take weight off the machine....

Jeff Howe

Apr 19, 2000
Certainly the cool factor is there. 99.99% of the guys wanting suspension work would never consider that much of add on pricing though. Maybe someday I can try one. In any case it is doubtful it's worth the green for us guys. In an "all out" vehicle weight reduction program they would be a "must have".

Renton Ti coils (via Speedwerxs) has been very active in the sled industry for a couple years now. Most worthy of the cash are the clutch springs though. You can ruin a stock clutch spring in less than a 1000 miles or even less sometimes. You lose rate there and you get a huge drop in performance. The Ti clutch springs are proving to be miracles in the clutching system.

I felt the same way about the weight issue. I need to drop the weight off me!!

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