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Jan 29, 2001
Florida Trail Riders will require me to install a spark arrestor on my scoot to race next year.I'm perfectly happy with my YZ's power and was not planning on an exhaust purchase.Which one should I get? Can I use my stock head pipe and just buy the can? I've heard the power gains can be worth the bucks-should I feel lucky to have the excuse and get a whole system? The bike is used for Hares, Moto and fun riding-I would prefer enhancement on bottom to mid. Will I have to rejet? I know this is an old subject but the magazine tests are Moto oriented and not much help-Anyone have a Pro Circuit T-4? Which end cap? How about the FMF? Are they really THAT loud? THANKS!!!!!!!


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Feb 16, 2001
Hemet, CA.

How is it going,
First let me say how cool it is to see a fellow FTR guy on here.
I have a 250F also and I just put a White Bros E Series on mine ( tail section only ) and so far the performance is great. I went with the E series because it was the cheapest that I could get in a hurry. You see here in Socal you need a sparky to do any offroad riding and I decided to race a enduro at the spur of the moment and my local Yamaha shop had one.
I had a full race pipe (both header and tail section) on my bike before I put the E series pipe and to be honest I can hardly tell the difference. In fact the E series might have a little more bottom end.
How long have you been racing with FTR? I am originaly from Arcadia Fl. and I still come down and race a couple times a year, I have a spare bike that I leave with some friends down there. In fact I was there for the whole month of March. Did the bike week thing and all.
Buy the way I keep up with FTR buy there web site and have been following this spark arrester thing on there BB. I think its about time that they require them, espessically since you guys have been in a drought for so many years.

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