Spark problems 1990 suzuki 250 RMX any help welcome

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    I have a 1990 Suzuki 250 RMX I have just got done with a rebuild after sitting for 2years. i have replaced the stator and ignition coil. the problem this still stumps me I can turn the bike over with a drill and I get a 1/4 inch blue spark but if I try to kick it I get nothing even holding the wire with bare hands . The only thing i haven't replaced is the cdi box and wiring harness from what i can gather either the stator is out of time, bad wires ,or cdi box hopefully someone knows more than me i would rather not drop the almost $500 on a new cdi if that isn't the problem. Hopefully i cant get the info i need thanks


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    spark can happen outside of the engine but not in it because under air pressure it is harder for the electricity to jump the gap. don't ask me why.
    Make sure all the electrical connections on the left side of the engine aren't corroded.
    Put in a new iridium plug because that type of plug makes it easier for the spark to happen although the gap is the same.
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