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Speaking Of Harley's Mx 250

Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
Another member (PBilt155) mentioned his 1973 Harley x90 mini in another thread, which got me thinking about the Harley MX250 and it's rear forks, not to mention other less than great ideas. Looking at images of this fine machine, I came across this one, which includes someone you may have heard of; a young Scott Wallenberg, among the first to review the bike in 1975. Surprised Rich Rohrich wasn't there, the track... Maple Hurst.

Scott Wallenberg and Ken Johnson were the first motocross test riders of the 1975 Harley-Davidson MX-250 Prototype program.

Clipped from the excellent write-up (with lots of pics, you know who you are!) on MSOLIS Vintage Motorcycle Great article, check it out.

And then there's Wallenberg at Byron (Motorsports Park, Byron, IL) in 75 on the Harley ...

Check out
Menalco's 1975 Prototype restoration project (same link).

Excellent work.

- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -

Jul 27, 1999
Cool. While I don't remember that day I sure remember that bike. I firmly believe if they had called it anything other than Harley Davidson it might have stood a chance of being developed into something competitive and had a longer lifespan.