Oct 25, 2000
Has anyone else ever wondered how much cheaper mx parts and apparel would be if so many amatuer riders didn't have sponsers? I know that these sponerships allow amatuer racers to afford racing, but it seems that the non-serious racers and play riders pay the price. Whenever you see an MRSP for a product, just think for a second how much of that cost covers sponsership.

dirt bike dave

Sponsoring Member
May 3, 2000
IMO, sponsoring riders is effective advertising for gear and equipment companies. Many of us are more influenced by the products our local racers use than by glossy magazine ads.

IOTW, a big portion of the MSRP of any product is marketing. If they didn't sponsor riders, the companies would just take out more ads, so the marketing cost passed through to the trail rider would be the same.

My $0.02


Alowishus Devadander
Nov 10, 1999
Also, a sponsored amateur rider in most cases does not recieve more than a discount (i.e. dealer plus % or dealer cost) and stickers. Not many people recieve free products below the professional ranks.
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